Breaking down the mentality of troll behavior


I really hate writing about trolls and Internet harassment and cyberstalking but it’s not going away, and I’ve been the target of it for six years, at least. That’s when I became aware I was being cyberstalked. I think that it started around 2005. That makes it 11 years, and it happens to basically everyone to some degree, and evolves, and worsens, so unless it stops I guess I’ll be writing about it for the rest of my life.

That being said, this post was inspired by a Donald Trump groupie who got offended by my tweet:

“After reading Donald Trump’s racist tweets last night, I spent hours on genealogy sites and found out my grandfather was half Choctaw. cont.”

This was just a general tweet, directed at no one. The troll attempted a lame, offensive argument in defense of Trump and you can see it all if you care to go to that link I provided; I am not giving the idiot troll a platform here. I posted a short series of tweets regarding troll pathology and its evolution. I’m going to post them here, and I’m going to suggest you consider my theory the next time you are assailed online by a troll.

LT=Last tweet, to let readers know that the tweet is part of a series. Cont. is a way to let people know that there is another tweet relating to the subject, but due to Twitter’s character limit, I decided to start using + to indicate that there is another tweet.

“After reading Donald Trump’s racist tweets last night, I spent hours on genealogy sites and found out my grandfather was half Choctaw. cont.

My grandmother was half Comanche & my grandfather was half Choctaw. I wouldn’t have known if not for Trump’s incessant “Pocahontas” tweets.

LT Is that going to change my life? No. But it’s a nice thing to know. I wish I had known my dad’s parents better, but they lived in CA.”

*troll interruption*

“The evolution of troll pathology is fascinating and disturbing. First, they used profanity and implied threats to intimidate targets. +

LT Then they started using doxxing or threats of doxxing to shut down people with opinions they didn’t like. +

LT THEN, they got pathetic and tried psychological manipulation: “If you block me TO GET THE LAST WORD that makes you a loser.” +

*troll interruption*

So back to the LT before the idiot troll interrupted, getting the last word is absolutely vital to a troll. I just got the last word. +

If you tell a troll you’re going to block them, they say you were “triggered” by whatever nonsense they spewed, implying that you’re weak. +

LT It actually takes a lot of willpower to block an abusive, harassing, sick person. Yes, trying to use your triggers against you is sick. +

LT Trolls keep looking for new ways to attack us psychologically. That’s the behavior of a deeply disturbed person. +

LT So to wrap this up, troll behavior is much like hacker behavior. They keep looking for new weak points. They are always wrong and liars.”

That’s my observation of abusive behavior online and in a personal relationship. I’ve taken this abusive, mentally disturbed nonsense in person, to my face, and now that I’ve made it clear that I will not tolerate such disrespect and flagrant stupidity IRL, I still face it every time I go online.

Because in troll mentality, I’m a mouthy woman. In reality, I am an educated woman who understands far, far more about politics and economics that people like to acknowledge, and so they try to tear me down. Again, trolls are like hackers, they keep probing for our weaknesses, and unless we learn how to recognize and deflect their attacks, they will intimidate us into silence.

This is not acceptable. I refuse to allow this to happen. Please remember that when you are attacked online. No matter your gender. Please promise yourself that you will not allow yourself to be silenced, and please stand up for others who are being attacked. But always be safe, and do not hesitate to use any and all reporting tools at your disposal to bring the actions of trolls to the attention of the site monitors and, if necessary, law enforcement.


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