Promos Galore!


Do you love paranormal books, goth art, dolls, jewelry, and crafts? There’s a little of everything here for you, from books to repainted Monster High dolls. I hope you find your new favorite author here, and some other things to tickle your goth bone.

Revenants Abroad

D D Syrdal is a great friend of mine and a fellow vampire fan . . . woman. She’s written an enticing first novel that is not your typical vampire novel. It’s original, well-researched, has captivating characters, and settings to die for. She’s working on a second novel, so I suggest you read this one now and get ready for her new work.

Leona Bushman – Artiste Extraordinaire

I’ve know Leona for several years. She’s a good friend and a special person. I own three of her paintings. Mine are oils. If you want an affordable, amazing commission for yourself or for a gift, she’s the artist for you. She’s also a writer of paranormal romance.

Sheri Verlarde Creation

Sheri is also an artist and writer, and one of those rare genuinely giving people we need more of in this world. She often writes in the LGBT paranormal genre. You can find out more about her work on her Facebook page.

A Broken Laptop

Mercedes Yardley personifies the Gillian Welch lyric “some girls have a dark turn of mind.” If Mercedes isn’t doing something interesting, she’s writing perfect jewels of books. I highly recommend you give her work a try.

Toni’s Mind – With Love Repainted Dolls

Toni is a very talented doll artist. She repaints Monster High dolls. I have two of her dolls and a third on layaway. She has repainted dolls for sale and takes commissions–you can send a doll to her to have it repainted to your specifications. You can choose to have the hair rerooted. She also makes outfits for some dolls, and accessories like black feather wings.

I hope you find something here that you want to read, or display in your home! Please direct specific questions to the authors/artists.

Edit: Toni is working on BJDs now! She told me she’ll continue to offer MH repaints in her Etsy shop as well as BJDs.


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