Zombie Night


*contains spoilers*

I’m not a zombie fan as such, but I do like a good zombie movie. Those are hard to find despite the fact that there are so very many. Most, like Dawn of the Dead, start out fairly well and descend into gore and nonsense. Zombie Night has an uneven beginning and I almost changed the channel because there were so many characters making ridiculously poor decisions, but I watched the whole movie, mainly because Anthony Michael Hall’s character was strong and well-written, and I ended up liking the movie.

Dumb decisions: locking Birdie’s blind, confused mother in the basement and locking Irina in a room “for safety.” The girl falling into the open grave gets a “meh” from me. It felt like a way to kill off a character, but it did make sense because she was running through a graveyard full of zombies.

Anthony Michael Hall’s character emerges the hero in the bright light of morning. Having the zombies go dormant in daylight was a plot device I haven’t seen yet in a zombie movie. I liked the fact that Birdie was bitten and didn’t turn, but that was left open-ended as well as what would happen to all the inert zombies when the sun set. If you like zombie movies, you’ll like this one. If you’re not a big zombie fan but you like horror, you may still like Zombie Night. Try to imagine The Purge with zombies. Check it out if you get a chance.


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