And then her hand fell off


I just had a clever idea for your MH and EAH dolls whose hands are wont to drop off at the wrist. If Mattel doesn’t have extras for your doll and if you can’t find just the arms and hands on Ebay, use one of those clear rubber bands from the doll packaging to secure the hand to the forearm. My Rosabella’s hand just fell out when I moved it slightly, and it doesn’t really feel secure after I pushed it back in. I’m going to try winding the rubber band through her fingers and then around her wrist. Or maybe I’ll get a glove for her . . . .

Edit: Rubber band idea didn’t work. Her hand still fell out. I found some thin yellow rickrack in my grandmother’s sewing machine. I’m going to try to fashion something decorative that will at least keep the hand from falling out completely. This frustrates me because she’s a doll I’d photograph more often, but moving that hand is iffy.


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