Ghoul-To-Bat Draculaura Review


Okay, everyone who read my declarations that I would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS buy one of the Monster High reboot dolls can point at me and laugh now.


Now that you’ve had your moment, let’s look at Ghoul-To-Bat Draculaura.


She’s standing on a chair covered with a Monster High throw. I took these pictures in late afternoon daylight and didn’t alter them. So, Ghoul to Bat is pretty obvious. You flip up that plastic piece at her waistband that kind of looks like . . . what does it look like? Not a tie, not an underskirt. I have no idea. It’s cute but weirdly designed. The important thing is, it’s sturdy and didn’t break or fail after being flipped up and down several times. Here’s a closer look.


IMG_5298Oh, since she INEXPLICABLY DID NOT COME WITH A SADDLE STAND, I’m displaying her in a traditional porcelain doll stand. This makes her look like she’s flying and doesn’t damage the mechanism at the back that makes the wings fold down. I could prop her up against something, but I like the Pink Batterfly of Death thing.

A quick aside . . . I’ve read some complaints that she has butterfly wings, not bat wings. Nope, those are bat wings. They’re just attached vertically instead of horizontally to make the whole party dress train thing work. The pattern includes stylized black bats.

Now here’s a closer picture of the “party dress” bodice.


That’s nice. I wished they had designed the bottom half of the lever to match the skirt when her wings are up.

I’ve seen a couple of questions about removing the wings. It could POSSIBLY be done, but it wouldn’t look good because of the mechanism on her back (pictures in a sec) and since you can redress virtually ever other Draculaura doll out there, why try to undo what makes this one different?


The wing-folding mechanism is attractively designed, and the back and sides of the molded plastic bodice are super cute. I’m not a huge fan of molded clothes but Draculaura’s bodice is nice–except for what is up with the bottom of that blankety-blank lever???

As you can see from the side pic, there’s a pink thingy on her back that the black heart-shaped knob screws into, and that’s not removable, so even if you DID remove her wings you’d still have that and the lever on the front and the molded bodice so really, why bother?

I like her hairstyle. Except that when I combed her ponytail, she lost several long strands of hair. And she has those blankety blank unnecessary plastic tabs that pin her head to the box. Luckily, when you get her out of the box, they’re under her ponytail.

I like the hairstyle because it sort of makes her look like Priscilla Presley. Or Katy Perry, depending on your generation.


I also like the hairstyle because it shows her little pointy ears.

I’ve seen pictures of her sitting. She has to sit on something because she can’t sit when her wings are up (lever flips up) and she can’t sit on a flat surface when her wings are down due to the black plastic border.


Her hands are the same softer material as the Boo York dolls. Which I kind of like for no particular reason.

I looked closely at six dolls at Walmart (19.98) and they all looked good, no extreme eye wonkiess, no sloppy fangs or hearts.

I read that her shoes are designed to fit onto some accessory I don’t have to that she can hang upside down.


My opinion: she’s the most appealing of the reboots I’ve seen thus far, her wings are impressive, she has a few limitations, don’t comb her hair more than necessary, and the bottom of the wing-controlling lever could have been more attractive, but she’s a must for the Draculaura collector.

Edit: I forgot to mention that her head doesn’t move up and down and doesn’t tilt to the side. Too bad, because the tilted head is part of what gives the old dolls personality.


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