Made to Move Barbie


(Okay, we’re gonna have an interruption between the laptop posts, but I WILL write the second post about caring for your laptop, I promise. Maybe even tonight.)

Made to Move Barbie (Skip to second and third paragraphs for important ordered info if this is tl;dr) I ordered one last night, the redhead with freckles because there’s something very sweet about her face and her freckles remind me of Barbie’s old friend Midge (in the page’s profile photo.) And then, I couldn’t help myself, I also bought the black Made to Move Barbie. Her face also seems lifelike, and I love her updo. I can’t wait to get them into some prettier clothes. I read that their hips are a bit wider than standard Barbie and that their waists are higher, but that they can wear most Barbie clothes. I want to put little dresses over those leggings and get them some shoes. I also read that because the ankle is articulated (squee!) they can wear flats or heels.

Now, I want to give potential buyers of Made to Move Barbie a heads-up. They aren’t available in my local Kmart or Walmart. I can’t find them on Kmart’s site at all. Walmart’s site has them listed as both Made to Move and “Endless Moves.” This is confusing because there’s an Endless Curls Barbie, so if you order from Walmart, double-check what you’re actually ordering. There are six dolls: blonde, straight hair, blonde, curly hair, brunette, straight hair, redhead, straight hair, Asian, straight black hair, and black, curly updo. The redhead is the hardest to find. Mattel doesn’t even have all six on their shopping site, so I went to Amazon. Initially, it looks as if they only have the white brunette and the black doll, and then a set of three. What you have to do is click on the brunette and you’ll be shown all the other dolls so you can select which one you want. That listing is fulfilled by Amazon. I took screenshots of how the listings look. The dolls range from $12-$14 (why are they not all the same price?) and the shipping is $6. I ordered two and the shipping was still $6, which I think is a good deal.

There’s a separate listing for the black doll, for $17 something with free shipping.This listing is NOT fulfilled by Amazon and since the price of the doll+shipping in the Amazon-fulfilled listing is just a little more than $17, you’re probably a bit safer ordering from Amazon. I chose standard shipping and mine are supposed to be here by Saturday (they’re coming from a distribution center in the next state, but I know Fedex will hand them over to the local PO which will almost certainly slow down their arrival.) However, I am SUPER excited because a) IT’S A FULLY ARTICULATED BARBIE and b) though Monster High will always have my heart, it will be really nice to have some “normal” poseable dolls to photograph.

More to come when I get the girls….IMG_5341IMG_5340


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