Made to Move Barbie 2


I fixed my dolls’ arms. It’s a coincidence that somehow I got two dolls that each had one stiff elbow joint. I bent the arm back and forth several times, then pushed carefully until the elbow hinge started to move. It popped back into the arm the way that it’s supposed to. Now both dolls’ arms move smoothly. If you get a doll with this problem, you might want to try working out the stiffness yourself before returning or exchanging it, especially if you ordered the doll.

Then I changed their outfits and they look SO GOOD. Marigold is wearing a 2014 standard Fashionista sundress and pink stacked-heel sandals from a Barbie accessory kit from Kmart. Tigerlily is wearing a Barbie dress I’ve had since I was a little kid in the 80s. It’s a bit big in the bust. Made to Move Barbies have more realistic proportions than the old dolls, except for their tiny feet. Tigerlily’s black flats also came from a Barbie accessory kit. The accessory kits cost about $5 and contain a couple of pairs of shoes, jewelry, and a purse.

I went through my box of old Barbies last night and found several outfits that should fit these new dolls. My mother made one sundress and started making a wedding dress but never got around to finishing it. I still have it. She wants to finish it now so one of the new dolls can wear it. My mom started me on the path to becoming a doll collector. She still collects dolls herself. Now we can share the hobby.

mtm dresses


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