Photography Around the Yard


2016 september tomato

Porch vegetable and herb garden. I planted a very mushy tomato in the spring and got several seedlings. When they were several inches tall, I gave half of them to my neighbor and separated the other half into two big planters, each planter big enough to hold an entire large bag of potting soil. I ended up with two adult plants. It took until August for them to reach their full height of over three feet and start putting out flowers. Now, in September, I have my first tomato. Luckily, North Carolina “enjoys” warm weather until the end of October.

2016 september moonflower

Another moonflower bloomed late this afternoon. This one is growing from a planter on the porch, on a yarn “trellis.” You can see the wrinkles in the petals from the folds of the bud.

2016 september mushrooms 2

2016 september mushrooms 3

Scientific name polypores, common name shelf fungi. Sometimes referred to as “seashell fungi.” They grow on tree trunks and branches. This is a fallen branch from a dead dogwood tree. Eventually, if left untouched, the fungi may petrify. I have a petrified shelf fungus from a birch tree stump on Long Island. However, the extreme differences in temperature and humidity between Long Island and North Carolina may result in these fungi dying and rotting. I’m going to try removing one intact to see if it will dry out in the house.


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