In sickness and health


This is going to be a bit of a ramble because it’s late, the idea just popped into my head as I’m sitting here watching the Lawrence O’Donnell show, and more and more issues regarding the health of the President of the United States occur to me as I ponder the events of the last several days.

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia and, I think, should have cut back on the heavy campaigning she’s been doing so she could recover more quickly and avoid complications. Was it really possible for her to do that? It seems she didn’t feel it was. There has already been what I consider nonsense speculation about her having dire hidden health problems. Maybe she felt lightening her schedule would fuel that tinfoil hat reptilians Illuminati conspiracy theory dumpster fire. I’m sure it would have. Doesn’t matter that Donald Trump is praising Vladimir Putin as if he has a boy crush and the entire campaign is way too close to the white supremacy movement to get jobs putting fliers on cars in the grocery store parking lot AND Donald Trump has been tweeting neener neener insults like “Crooked Hillary” and “Pocahontas” for FREAKING MONTHS. Doesn’t matter that we’ve been hearing feminazi, libtard, elitist, baby killer, welfare queen . . . so many lies and insults that I’m momentarily stuck . . . for years, not necessarily from Trump supporters, but from people on the fringe right, many who are now Trump supporters. Look at the governor of my state, Pat McCrory. He’s got about a third of the state terrified of men dressing like Tootsie to attack little girls in the women’s room. He has completely ignorant asses making absolutely wrong-headed pronouncements about transgender people, as if they had spent decades studying gender dysphoria. Most of these people have never heard the term “gender dysphoria.” Most can’t spell dysphoria. Most can’t spell gender. Most, you could trick with the old women’s suffrage poll.

Yeah, I just generalized. I just used my broad brush. And I don’t care. I have sat here on the liberal side and been called libtard, feminazi, dyke (because I have short hair) lazy (because no one knows the full details of my employment because even I don’t share everything due to my cyber stalking ex-husband and his goofy girlfriend) told to kill myself AND been told I was a “shitsucker” for saying “Happy Autumn, Mr. President” in response to a tweet on the official POTUS Twitter account.

Pardon me if I don’t shed a tear for Hillary perhaps just getting so damned disgusted with it all that she said “To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.” SHE’S RIGHT. These are the deplorable people who have been gleefully slinging insults since at least 2007 when Sarah “I’m a idiot just like you!” Palin appeared on the scene. Sarah Palin, the mediocre half-term governor, who inspired people to embrace mediocrity. Someone finally took a shot back and everyone who has been online for at least nine years mocking people on the other side of the political aisle collectively gasped HOW DARE SHE. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO SAY ABOUT ME WHAT I SAY ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. Shut up, whiners. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

Donald Trump is the biggest baby of all and king of the sand box and that is all he will ever be.

Now, do I think that Hillary Clinton should have sunk to Donald Trump’s level? No, not really. I think it was an off the cuff reaction to the utter nastiness of the Trump campaign. I think it would have been better not said because no matter what Donald Trump or his supporters, celebrity or otherwise say, anything Hillary Clinton says will always be considered worse. Worse than:

“To be blunt, they were not ‘great’ buildings,” said Trump. “They only became great upon their demise last Tuesday.” (source:

The 40 Wall Street building, Trump said, “actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest-and then, when they built the World Trade Center, it became known as the second-tallest. And now it’s the tallest.” (

Those are, of course, only two of the thousands of offensive remarks Trump has made and those weren’t even THIS YEAR. We all know the generalizations he has made and his supporters have embraced regarding immigrants. We all know the various ways he insulted our military during the “Commander-In-Chief”forum. We all know how he attacked the parents of a Muslim marine who died in the service of our country and we all know that Donald Trump has not served our country in any way but in his own mind. Oh, and speaking of serving one’s country, let us not forgot Trump mocking Senator John McCain for HAVING BEEN A PRISONER OF WAR. Senator McCain cannot raise his arms above his shoulders due to the treatment he received while he was a prisoner of war, yet he was an acceptable presidential candidate to everyone, as I recall. The effects of the injuries he received do not disqualify him from a career in politics or from running for President.

Where was the outrage regarding Trump’s remarks about Senator McCain?

I’ve wandered off topic. I suppose this should have been a two-part post.

While watching the rerun of the 9-12-2016 Lawrence O’Donnell show, I started thinking about Hillary Clinton, her pneumonia, her other incidents of ill health, and ableism.

What’s going to happen when we have a presidential candidate who uses a wheelchair, as F.D.R. did? What’s going to happen when we have a woman president who becomes pregnant? What’s going to happen when we have a presidential candidate who has asthma and has to say, “Excuse me” and use his inhaler?

All of these things will happen at some point in the future history of our country. I only hope that we will have EVOLVED beyond hysteria because a candidate attempted to soldier on when they really should have been resting because they feel they aren’t allowed to show human frailty.

Maybe this is why the self-professed patriots with Bible verses in their Twitter bios and obsessions with American capitalism being God’s chosen system of government are still cheering Donald Trump when he praises a DICTATOR like Vladimir Putin. Maybe it’s because Putin rides a horse shirtless and does a lot of other macho stuff that impresses people who would vote for the Marlboro Man if he had not died of cancer.

I wonder, though, that these people don’t feel empathy for a woman who keeps working when she’s too sick to work because so many of us have to go to work sick because we’ll lose our jobs if we don’t. For years, I worked even though I was bleeding heavily two weeks a month due to uterine fibroids. No one gets two weeks off work every month. Well, maybe if your last name is Trump. I went to work, went to the bathroom every 20 minutes, and tried not to pass out so I could keep my job.

I went to work with bronchitis and a cracked rib from coughing because I had no more sick days at the end of the year during a bad winter.

I worked in a hot, filthy, cockroach-infested warehouse because my employer said “pack up this inventory and move it to the new location or find another job” even though I told her that I had asthma and the environment would (and did) make me sick.

I did all those things because I live in an at-will state, meaning in most workplaces, you can be fired with whatever excuse your boss can come up with if you aren’t on the job NO. MATTER. WHAT.

How can so many people not feel a TWINGE of sympathy for Hillary Clinton even if they hate her politics? Oh, I forgot, she’s actually Satanic, as someone tried to persuade me to believe, the very beast from the book of Revelation. Why was she the beast described in the book of Revelation? “Because she always wears a purple scarf and purple is the color of the beast.”

Deplorable, indeed.

We live in a country where no matter your political affiliation, people are dying because they’re sleeping in their cars between shifts at the three jobs it takes to make a living wage. We live in a country where women miscarry because they work in big box stores and tell their managers that their doctors told them not to lift anything over a certain weight and the managers refuse to make any allowances and the women are so afraid of losing their jobs that they don’t follow doctor’s orders.

We live in a country where pregnant women who work in big box stores aren’t allowed to keep bottles of water with them while they work and aren’t allowed extra bathroom breaks.

We live in a country where women with cervical cancer continue to work in fast food restaurants and simply go on as long as they can stay on their feet because they have no insurance, they fall into the Obamacare gap, and their Republican-controlled state government chose not to expand Medicaid.

How can Trump supporters not see themselves in someone who goes to work sick? Because Hillary Clinton said half of them go into the basket of deplorables?

When people react so violently to such a statement that they completely disregard common sense AND WHAT THEY KNOW TO BE TRUE BASED ON THEIR LIFE EXPERIENCE, I can only conclude that Hillary hit a little too close to home.


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