Voting-Know Your Rights at the Polls


Donald Trump is inciting people to commit illegal acts again. Yes, really. He’s encouraging his . . . supporters to watch at the voting booth. Watch for what? Someone tossing ballots in the trash? People taking five ballots and voting for Hillary Clinton? Those things are as nonsensical as they sound and are not going to happen. He’s not talking about voter fraud. He’s talking about voter intimidation.

Trump is talking about his supporters lingering around in the polling place watching other voters. That’s intimidating behavior, and it’s illegal, and Trump isn’t going to be the one to bear the brunt of voter intimidation charges. He’s not going to pay anyone’s bail or legal bills. Anyone committing any type of fraud or intimidation at the polls should be prosecuted. But that means that you have to know your rights and who to contact if you feel they’ve been violated.

Take this number with you when you go to vote: (800) 253-3931. That’s the DOJ’s Voting Section. Find your local ACLU contact info on this page. Take it with you to the polls, too. Visit your county Board of Election’s site. Get the number of your party’s local office. Read up on everything before you go to vote and know what should happen. Remember that your polling place has to stay open as long as people are in line. Don’t let anyone force you out of line. If you are forced out and you feel it was unfair, call and report it. If people who aren’t registered election volunteers with photo ID are hanging around making you feel uncomfortable, speak up. Get the attention of an Elections Judge and point out the people causing you concern. If you don’t feel you’re being taking seriously, hold your place in line, don’t move until you get your ballot, cast your ballot, and then file complaints.

NO ONE should be with you in the voting booth unless you require assistance to cast your ballot, and that person should be someone who accompanies you to your polling place. No stranger has the right to be anywhere near you while you’re voting. No one is supposed to speak to you. No one is supposed to stand around near you. No one is supposed to attempt to look at your ballot.

No one is allowed to wear candidate buttons/tee shirts/caps/jackets or any other clothing or accessories promoting any candidate. If you see that at your polling place and that person isn’t told to leave, change, and come back, contact someone. That’s voter intimidation.

Trump is encouraging his flock to commit acts of attempted voter intimidation. I don’t care if he says “watch.” That what he means.

Don’t let him get away with it.


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