I am glad that you forbade me from voting


I’m glad that I had to listen to your obscene Republitertian ranting nonsense because it changed me in a fundamental way.

I grew up in a completely conservative area in North Carolina and I heard it all, but I thought that people “up North” were different. And yet I sat in confusion and suppressed anger as you raged in 2007 and forbade me to vote in 2008 because if I voted for President Obama, everything that he did would be my fault.

I voted for him. Twice. Everyone knows the PO Box story.

They don’t know that I had to get in the bed with you every night and fight you every night to get your damn hand out from between my legs.

You became a rapist the first time you did that and I said “NO” and you persisted until I fought your hand away. What in the hell did you think I was going to do if you didn’t have your damn nasty hand between my legs? Get up and pee?

You, my ex-husband, you turned sex ugly. You couldn’t get off me.

You actually thought that I could sleep with your grabbing stiff fingers between my legs.

Now I face a presidential candidate who thinks it’s cool to do the same thing to any woman he meets who is below the checkout age of 35.

I lost another fight to sleep in my bleached-clean bed during the night because of Trump and you and women like https://twitter.com/scottienhughes who are rape apologists.

Scottie pictures herself with wings on her Twitter. Wings are symbols of freedom. Scottie is clearly NOT free because she submits to the Trumplexnation.

You need to erase those fucking wings, Scottie, because you are beaten down by men. You don’t know what they mean.

I’m free of men, but I’m terrorized for the women and girls I love because of Don Trump and the utterly pathetic women like ScottieNHughes who support him.


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