Wise Women


I’ve noticed, since Tuesday night, more blog posts than usual from pagan women. Like this one I just happened across on Twitter: https://theshadowsanctuary.wordpress.com/2016/11/10/waking-up-in-trumps-america/.

It seemed safe, for a while, to be pagan in the U.S.A. Living in the Bible belt is different, of course, I never shared my beliefs with anyone but my mother, my favorite cousin, and my best friend. Other family members know but don’t understand because they’ve never listened TO me, just dismissed me as an oddball–but I digress.

The fact that pagan women are speaking out about their feelings about living in “Trump’s America” gives me hope. As I told someone on Twitter, women have always been the healers and the warriors. Apparently pagan women are feeling called in some way to deal with this monstrous situation.

At the same time, many of these women are queer, disabled, or both and are at risk in “Trump’s America.” They’re at risk due to their sexuality, because we’ve already seen threats against LGBT people, and at risk due to their health. They may be dependent on Obamacare to stay alive. They may lose Obamacare because of Trump.

So we should all be prepared to stand up for each other and help in any way we can. And put something on your altar to remind you every day to send energy to these brave women to help protect them.


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