We’re doing what he wants


Trump is doing a fabulous job of tearing us apart and it only took him almost three days.

Today I read that the #safetypinsolidarity idea is somehow not inclusive, that calling for unity means shutting up and submitting, and a lot of people, including white women, are blaming white women for electing Trump.

I’ll be wearing a safety pin. Anyone, ANYONE being harassed, followed, taunted or simply scared by Trump supporters can count on me to help or step in.

Unity does not mean silence. Unity means unity. “Don’t do anything to rile anyone up” means silence.

ONCE AGAIN, I am a white women who voted for Hillary and I DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ELECTING TRUMP. I spoke out against him daily for months online and in real life.

People call the neighborhood I live in a ghetto. The police blatantly cater to known white supremacists and criminals. They’ve refused to arrest them at least twice when I called because they threatened to kill me or actually assaulted me. Because they know I am not one of them.

No, I don’t know anything about what it is to be a black person in this neighborhood. What I know is right now, everything sucks for everyone who is horrified by a Trump presidency. I know that it sucks much worse for many people than it does for me. Still, I am a poor white woman and every woman, cis and trans, black and brown and white, is at risk now. We’ve all seen the proof in the reports online of assaults.

I would like it if:

We could stop turning on each other and turn to the common enemy

We could stop belittling honest attempts at showing solidarity with everyone

We could stop tsk-tsking at people who are loud about how fucking furious they are

I’ve seen people I’ve known for years to have common sense suddenly attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with their assessment of the situation.


I guess this will make more people hate me and unfollow me, but I’ve never been the cool kid so I’m used to it.


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