The Winter is Really Here Now


And the summer became the fall

I was not ready for the winter

Today doesn’t even mark a full week.

Things to hold on to: the “super moon.” Go out and look at it. The moon is closer to us physically than it has been in 69 years. Start stargazing. The stars are always there. I follow several Twitter accounts devoted to astronomy. The best are @LunarDaily and @EarthSkyScience.

Things to hold on to: plants. Spring comes early here. Growing a producing tomato plant from seed takes months. I planted a mushy tomato in a pot last night and put the pot before a sunny window. I hope to have seedlings soon. Hope. Planting a physical seed means you still have hope.

Things to hold on to: intuition. Do you suddenly realize that you’ve been drawing together a protective world of books, sewing projects, art supplies, Tarot cards? These are physical things to sustain you through a long winter. They are tangible things to busy your hands and mind.

Things to hold on to: friends. Many friendships ended with the election. This is tragic. I was so happy last night when I received a DM from a friend I consider more a sister than my sisters, even though the subjects of our conversation were not in any way happy. But that friendship endures.

Things to hold on to: children. The little girl next door still wants coloring books and juice boxes and stories.

Things to hold on to: pets. They feel the stress too. Give them extra attention, treats, and walks. Start feeding wild birds, although they aren’t pets. They will quickly become dependent on you and you on them.

Things to hold on to: day to day. Eat what you damn well please. Spend the weekend in your PJs. Put your favorite sheets on the bed. Burn the candle that’s too pretty to burn. Reread the book you know by heart. Let more light into your home. Look out windows you usually keep covered. Rediscover your space.

Things to hold on to: there are many many many people feeling just like you do and they are out there. You’re not alone. We’re not alone. Our strength is our ability to think of others before ourselves.

Things to hold on to: music.


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