The Best Place to Be


I think the best place to be right now is in a creative community of writers, readers, photographers, and artists.

Some creatives avoid talking politics online entirely. Some touch on the subject in a neutral manner. Some are talking more politics than anything else right now, while others are trying to strike a balance between political talk and subjects that don’t induce panic attacks. I’ve tried to cut back on the politics but there are just so many things. So many many terrible things.

Ever since Sarah Palin blundered into our collective conscious in 2007, the “educated people are really the dumb ones” movement has spread like an infection in a bad sci-fi movie. You don’t have to go to college to be educated, especially right now when there’s so much knowledge at your fingertips. Instead of spending 12 hours a day on Twitter ranting, people could actually learn something . . . if they were so inclined. Me, I only have an Associates Degree in Paralegal Technology from the local community college. I attended a private college for a year and a half, but I had to drop out due to cuts to financial aid. Luckily, the library was my second home since I was a small child and I went to work there immediately after I graduated from high school. I read. About everything. I still do. I believe in learning for your entire life. No one reaches a point where there’s nothing left they need to know. No one on the face of the entire planet.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with my life.” Every single thing in the world has something to do with my life and everyone else’s life. Sharing Facebook posts and retweeting and forwarding emails isn’t learning. Want to learn something? Go to the library.

Creatives are lifelong learners. It’s comforting to be surrounded with people who all have that and expressing themselves in common. Every creative speaks the same thing in their own language.

Yes, Twitter has an ugly side, a side that repulses every person of conscience, but there are so many good people there. I’ve met many new people over the last week. As long as the creative community remains vital, I feel safer.


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