Fight for Social Security and Medicare


No person with any humanity or empathy would advocate for “phasing out” Medicare and Social Security. But that is what Donald Trump and Paul Ryan intend to do.

My mother can’t live without Social Security and Medicare. A lot of other people I know can’t, either. Or Medicaid. That doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to live.

My mother worked from the time she was a teenager until she was 62. She chose to retire from the police department early because the city was starting to pressure people close to retirement to leave. She decided to “go out gracefully,” as she put it. She went without health insurance until she turned 65 and enrolled in Medicare.

Two years ago, she had MOHS surgery to remove an invasive skin cancer on her lip. She would be dead now if not for Medicare.

Does anyone really think that she isn’t “entitled” to the health insurance fund that she paid into her entire adult working life? Does anyone think that ANYONE who is dependent on Medicare doesn’t deserve to live because they can’t afford private insurance?

Yeah. Everyone who voted for Trump.

Without Social Security, she wouldn’t be able to pay her bills. So should she stop paying her utility bills and sit in a dark, cold house? Or stop paying her mortgage and move into the homeless shelter? Because she has no family left to take her in. My job as a freelance writer is feast or famine. I also have the jobs of managing her finances and healthcare now. I’m alone in this. Again, we have no family to help. Right now, I’m trying to figure out why the water bill went up $100 AFTER I paid $157 for a plumber last month. Right now, I’m trying to figure out why the electric bill went up $100 after the weather got chilly and we stopped using the AC.

My mother “splurged” this month and got her car inspected, paid for the tag renewal, and paid the yearly county vehicle tax (which is so much BS, paying taxes every year on a car that’s bought and paid for.) Now she won’t get an expensive ticket. Wow. How irresponsible.

How does it economically benefit anyone to have a 68-year-old woman living in the homeless shelter, relying entirely on this very poor county’s meager benefits, instead of living in her own home, paying her mortgage and taxes, and staying healthy? Anyone who thinks having her sick and homeless improves anything is flat-out stupid, or unspeakably evil. Because taking away Medicare and Social Security would kill my mother and a lot of other people.

Then there’s my friend on Twitter who won’t get her meds without Medicare and might very well die.

Then there’s my neighbor and her four children who won’t have a home or healthcare without Medicaid.

Then there are all the people who will be unable to obtain insurance if Obamacare is dismantled. In a way, I’m glad I fall into the Obamacare gap because I’ve gotten used to half-functioning while sick. I can’t imagine what it must be like for someone who finally got insurance a couple of years ago and is now looking at being uninsured again.

Again, the old, the sick, the disabled, the poor are being treated as just obstructions by a few wealthy men who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives. The world would be a poorer place without my mother, my neighbor who will drop whatever she’s doing and help my mother, and my friend on Twitter. I can’t say that the world would be a poorer place if Trump Tower had never been built. I can’t say that the world would be a poorer place if Paul Ryan had never become Speaker of the House and led the opposition against everything President Obama ever tried to do to the point of shutting down the government and putting people out of work out of nothing but prejudice and pique.

So I’m going to start making calls next week, and sending emails, and I’m going to tell some elected officials about my mom and my friend and my neighbor. It would be so great if you would write down a few things about people you know personally who are receiving Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Obamacare and call and write your reps, too.

Thank you.


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