The Queen of Swords


I really got interested in Tarot this year because of a friend who has a huge collection of decks and knows about as much as one can about the subject. I wasn’t keen on the idea of a Tarot app, but being almost broke right now, I’m unable to buy a physical deck. I saw Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s Shadowscape Tarot app mentioned on Twitter and checked it out in the iTunes app store. It was one of the few complete decks that didn’t require in-app purchases and it was only 3.99, so I bought it.

I already loved Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s art. If you are a fan of hers and interested in Tarot, I’m positive you’ll love this deck, whether you buy the physical deck (the card on the front of the box is the Queen of Swords) or the app. The app menu:

  • New Reading
  • Draw a Card
  • Today’s Card
  • Journal
  • Explore

There’s a settings menu where you can choose to allow reversed cards (I turned that off since the book doesn’t give reversed interpretations) and change the “reading cloth” (background.) The journal saves all your readings (the app offers several spread options) and allows you to make notes.

On the 26th of November, I selected Card of the Day. I got the Queen of Swords. On the 27th, I selected the Spirit Spread of three cards and the third was the Queen of Swords. Then I heard that the second single from Idina Menzel’s new album is called The Queen of Swords. (It’s an awesome song, BTW.)

So obviously there’s message for me in this card. The Shadowscapes guidebook says, “With her blade, the Queen of Swords slices through lies and deceptions to the heart of truth. She is honesty and inner knowledge. The Queen of Swords is an intelligent woman, witty, and humorous in her forthright way. She is valued for her accurate perceptions of the world around her and for her experiences. She has gazed within and knows that when she turns her eyes to a mirror, the reflection is exactly what it should be, and the light that shines within her soul blazes bright in the glass.”

There are a lot of lies around me. There have been for a long time, and I’ve developed a sense of when something is hinky. I don’t feel that anyone values my experiences. That’s been a problem I’ve had lately. I’m not taken seriously. I don’t see what I want to see in the mirror because I feel devalued. Maybe this card is telling me to stop seeing myself the way that those untrustworthy people see me.

I look at the card in the app every night. I go to sleep thinking about it. I feel that maybe I’m starting to regain the power over myself that others tried very hard to take away.


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