The Barbie Look Boho Barbie Review


This is a stunning doll and well worth the money. I bought her because I think she looks like very young Stevie Nicks. Now, the specifics and pros and cons:

She is fully articulated EXCEPT for her ankles. She has traditional Barbie feet and ankles and can only wear high heels. She wears a pair of gold stack-heeled sandals with straps. Her dress has a purple underskirt. She has three sections of hair that are curled at the bottoms. I had to comb the rest because it was flat BECAUSE THEY ATTACHED HER TO THE BOX WITH THE PLASTIC TABS IN HER HEAD AND SEWED HER HAIR TO THE BOX! It is easy to cut the thread without damaging her hair but the sewing is rather ridiculous and unnecessary.

Her dress is also sewn to the box in two places. but it was easy to snip the thread without damaging the dress. She has a gold belt with an oval “buckle,” a gold bracelet (I’d leave the rubber band on that arm to keep the bracelet on) and a long gold necklace with a feather pendant. Her gold “crocheted” headband is very nice. Her hair is pulled back at the temples and fastened with a clear rubber band in the back. Her faux leather fringed bag is authentic-looking and is attached by a rubber band to her hand. She has no earrings. Her nails are painted a light red shade. The polish is a little sloppy but not noticeable unless you look close. She has gray-blue eyes, pale gray eyeshadow, with a little pink above the crease of her eye, very neatly painted eyelashes, and dark blonde eyebrows.

Her hair is a lovely shade of dark blonde. Her lipstick is pale rose.

To me, the dress’s background is brown. It may look burgundy to you. The pattern is busy but the colors are muted. I think it’s interesting that they chose purple for the underskirt.

She comes with a vintage camera (no way to attach to her hand, they should have given it a little strap, I may try making my own and gluing it to the camera) a pamphlet with a map to the music festival, and a water bottle. I found the water bottle a little odd since I don’t THINK that they had them in the 70s but I’m not sure. For some reason, her bag is glued closed just at the center. I’m going to try to open it up because it’s big enough to hold the camera, bottle, and map.

I have two complaints:

The excess of plastic tabs and sewing the hair and dress to the box and the stand.

The stand will be familiar to Monster High collectors. It has a black base, clear stand, and clear piece that fits around her waist. I do not like these clear plastic stands because I’ve had at least four break with Monster High dolls. This stand SEEMS okay, but it’s not tall enough. It should be at least half an inch taller. With her legs straight, the piece that goes around her waist barely stays on the stand. I have a saddle stand that works, but I want something more secure. I’m going to look for a traditional doll stand for display. I plan to use this doll with my two Made to Move Barbies for photography, so I need a stand that’s easier to use than this plastic stand. For $30, Mattel could have come up with a better stand.

This dolls knee joints are quite loose…not fragile, just loose. Her elbows and hands are fine. She’s not as heavy as the Made to Move Barbies and her arms don’t have the “muscular” appearance of the Made to Move Barbies. Some people didn’t like that. It doesn’t bother me, but this doll has a more traditional Barbie look. I haven’t tested the full extent of her articulation, although I did move her legs and they can be extended to the side. Her head can be tilted up or down just a little. She doesn’t bend at the waist, and she doesn’t have the under-the-bust point of articulation that Made to Move Barbies have.

I hope this answers all your questions and helps with your purchase decision. To me, $30 is a lot of money to spend on a Barbie but this one is worth it. Please feel free to ask if there’s something I didn’t address.

(This review is posted here because it’s too long for Instagram)



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