Single Lady with Cats, Part III


I’ve had some traumatic relationships, the stuff of the creepiest Lifetime Movies. I’m quite cautious. I have a few good friends. I’m certainly open to meeting someone, but I have a lot of requirements. Like, don’t threaten to throw my cat through a wall because she threw up on your sofa because you made everyone in the household hysterical.

I’m a writer. I’m a freelance writer, and I write novels. I have a vampire series in progress that I enjoy very much. I’m working on a fairy story for adults. This is giving me fits. I’ve tried it so many different ways. I finally went with a dystopian theme because, well, it’s pretty dystopian out there if you haven’t looked lately.

So I’m usually always writing. If I’m not writing, I’m reading. If I’m not reading, I’m crocheting. If I’m not crocheting, I’m taking photographs. If I’m not taking photographs, I’m drawing.


(My scanner is old and has a spot. Sorry.)

If I’m not doing any of those things, I’m listing things on Ebay and Etsy. These are all solitary pastimes, except for photography. I love going on a photography day trip with someone else along.


(I don’t have the slightest urge to go ice climbing, but I will take pictures of other people doing it.)

Most people don’t like sitting around while someone writes or crochets, and I’m not willing to change myself. Cats. Cats are quite happy to sleep or stare out the window–or into the corner–while you do your thing. And yes, we do play. We have cat soccer every night.

My other hobby is one that apparently a lot of people find creepy and disturbing. Actually, that’s good, because it tends to keep those people away from me. I collect dolls. It started with the paper dolls when I was very young, and then of course I had Barbies, and when I got married, I started collecting china heads.


I always wanted a china head because Laura Ingalls Wilder mentioned them in her books. Nellie Oleson had one, but she tossed it aside for her new wax doll that said “Mama.” Which is pretty funny because that china head is probably still in existence and the wax doll probably deteriorated because, well, wax, and I doubt that Nellie took the best care of it.

Then I started collecting other types of porcelain dolls, mostly the kind that used to be in department stores every holiday season.That got boring fast because they don’t do anything but gather dust.

In 2014, I was caring for my aunt who had severe Alzheimer’s and dementia. I would spend a night or two at her house, then my mom would relieve me, then I would relieve her. We did this for almost nine months as my aunt’s Medicaid paperwork worked its way through the system. There’s a store near her house where I stopped almost every day for household items. One day, I saw a Monster High doll.

I LOVE Monster High dolls. The “old” ones, before some twat at Mattel decided that their faces need redesigning. Monster High dolls are the dolls I wanted when I was a kid. They’re weird and some of them are vampires (which sealed the deal for me) AND YOU CAN POSE THEM.


A lot of people are quite put off by Monster High dolls. “Bizarrely proportioned” and “slutty” are their main complaints. I think it’s disturbing that people would so intensely hate on a doll, so that rules those people out of my life too.

Not all Single Ladies with Cats live with their moms. I do. I’m making a lot more money than I was six months ago, but not enough to get a place of my own. My mom is 68, walks with a cane, and is prone to doing things like trying to drag her humongous Kirby vacuum down the stairs in the middle of the night. She can’t accept her physical limitations. She still sees herself as a 38-year-old cop who pushed a Corvette out of a flooded road by herself.

If I had my own house, my mom would live with me. I’ve cared for my grandfather, grandmother, and aunt. They needed to be in nursing homes. My mom doesn’t. I guess a lot of people would put a parent with some physical limitations into a nursing home. I’m not one of those people.

I am a Single Lady with Cats. And dolls. And that doesn’t make me crazy. I’ve come to view my role in the world as a caregiver. That’s not a bad thing. Anyone who thinks that it is need not apply.



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