The First Anti-Cat Hysteric of Spring


I haven’t seen a robin yet this year, but I’ve seen daffodils, violets, and I’ve read the ugly words of one of the anti-cat cult.

“…bird-murdering cat…” I got that far and stopped reading. That’s dumb. That’s wrong. That’s a lie. That’s hysterical language designed to bring out the people who hate cats so much they will shoot them in traps or put out poisoned food. It’s language designed to appeal to dangerously deranged people. Do I have to keep pointing out over and over and over that killing animals is one of the points of the triad of sociopathy? Do I have to keep saying that not only is killing a cat for being a cat wrong, it’s a sign that the person who does it is quite possibly dangerous to people too?

I guess I do, if people are going to persist in sharing this bullshit.

There is no such thing as a bird-murdering cat.

I repeat, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BIRD-MURDERING CAT. There is also no such thing as a worm-murdering robin. There are simply animals being animals. Neither one plots and plans to harm its prey. They act on instinct like every other wild animal. Humans who kill cats or dogs may have fabricated justifications, but really, anyone who kills a cat for killing a bird (even a beautiful songbird) has a fucking problem and should be stopped.

Like it or not, feral cats are becoming American wildlife. A feral cat is one that was born in the wild and is unused to human contact. A stray cat is one that slipped out of its home and got lost, or was abandoned or left behind by a “person.” Cats are frequently abandoned or “put out” by people who rent apartments and a) aren’t supposed to have pets/have too many pets or b) choose to move into a new place that doesn’t allow pets. These are human failings. Cats shouldn’t be punished for them.

Feral cat colonies are often monitored by people (like me) who feed starving cats. Why are the cats starving if they’re murdering and eating all those precious songbirds? ISN’T THAT A MYSTERY? The truth is that a feral cat’s diet consists primarily of voles, other small mammals (chipmunks) and frogs. Yes, frogs. If feral cats were “murdering” the silly astronomical numbers of songbirds claimed by the Audubon Society, there would be no birds at your feeder–or mine.

Feral cats are not spreading rabies. If they were, it would be on the news every day.

Feral cats are not spreading toxoplasmosis. If they were, it would be on the news every day.

People who hate cats lie. Even people at the top in “respectable” wildlife organizations. Some of those people have killed cats themselves.

I understand that there are people who dislike cats. I do not understand people who would callously and deliberately kill cats for being cats. I have two indoor cats. I also have a bird feeder and bird bath and spend a ridiculous amount of money every month on bird seed and sunflower seeds. I feed squirrels as well as birds. I don’t consider them vermin. Many birders do. I don’t like it when a neighborhood cat starts hanging around my bird feeder. I will chase it away. I will spray it with water. I will not harm it or call animal control even if it does kill a bird.

It is not a cat’s fault for being a cat. You want someone to blame for a dead songbird? Blame the person who moved to a “better” apartment and abandoned their cat. Blame the person who got a kitten and shoved it out the door when it grew up  into a cat. People are the problem.

A significant percentage of songbird death is due to loss of their environment so that people can have McMansions. Pesticides kill birds as well as bees.

It is not the fault of the cats. It is all our fault. Before you use stupid words like “bird-murdering cat,” take a long look at yourself, where you live, and your lifestyle. What have you done that has forced a cat into an outdoor life or contributed to the death of a songbird?

Grow the fuck up, stop blaming cats, and be a better fucking human being.


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