Dear Megyn Kelly and NBC: Don’t


I don’t know who in the hell got it in their head that interviewing lunatic Alex Jones would be a great idea. Please spare me your “shining a light” on conspiracy theories, Megyn. You need to pull in ratings for your show to impress your new bosses at NBC. At this point, with all the outrage at your frankly obscene decision to interview the nutjob of nutjobs, I can’t imagine who would back you.

But, I know how hard-headed people can get when their pet project is challenged. I’ve been there at a job with someone who had stupid, irresponsible ideas and fired anyone who challenged them. I was one of those people who got fired for saying THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO THINGS. IT’S IRRESPONSIBLE. It didn’t do any good.

Megyn, I defended you when Donald Trump verbally sexually harassed you even though we have very little in common in terms of political views. I’m hard-pressed to defend you now. Regardless of your excuses for wanting to interview Jones, you’ve already piled more stones on the families of murdered children, you’ve forced them to confront and debunk his lies again, and that damage can’t be undone. The only thing that you, Megyn, and your bosses at NBC can do at this point is apologize and cancel the interview. It won’t do much, if anything, but at least Jones’s fellow lunatics won’t be able to tune in and watch him in primetime.

Please stop. Please don’t do this. Please remember how you felt when trump was attacking you, and do not do this thing.




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