A look into the future


Or maybe it’s the power of suggestion, a positive reading giving you subconscious cues to change your attitude and behavior, telling you what you already know, giving you the incentive to make it come true.

I’m an amateur amateur (yes, I meant to type it twice) at Tarot. I don’t do any type of card readings for anyone but myself. I haven’t yet worked up to the Celtic Cross spread. I still prefer my oracle cards, particularly Les Vampires, featuring the art of Jasmine Beckett-Griffith. Vampires are one of my favorite things. I find the Les Vampires oracle cards pragmatic, comforting, and a pleasure to the eyes.

But back to the Tarot. I have three sets: a no-frills Rider-Waite deck I bought in middle school, The Victorian Fairy Tarot, and The Green Witch Tarot. I like a lot of lush imagery that creates a storybook world when looking at decks. I’ve had the Green Witch deck longer and used it more than the Victorian Fairy deck, and I’ve found the Green Witch deck to be accurate more than half the time.

Twenty-some years ago, I had a past life reading by a friend of a friend. I had never had a professional Tarot reading until last night.

Professional readings seem expensive until you’ve had one and understand how much time the reader spends interpreting each card. Almost all professional Tarot readers offer choices of spreads. You can choose a three card spread, a Celtic Cross spread, or one of many others depending on the reader. The more cards in your chosen spread, the more expensive the reading.

Last night, I was lucky enough to see that Sister Spell Binder on Twitter was offering $4 one card readings. I saw her tweet that the special offer was open for 30 more minutes. It took me 15 minutes to sign up to her site, but I got my request in and she contacted me via DM shortly after. She’s very nice, and she took enough time that I felt she really sat and gave the card she pulled a lot of thought. The card was in the suit of Pentacles. I immediately felt positive about that because I’m a Capricorn, an earth sign, and Pentacles are the earth suit of the Tarot deck. I found the reading very relevant to my life in multiple areas. I read it aloud to someone who isn’t at all familiar with or “in to” Tarot, and they were surprised at how personal the reading was. Sister Spell Binder sent me a scan of the card along with the reading. I forgot to ask her what deck she used; I’ll do that later today. The art on the card contained a lot of personal symbolism to me. I was more than pleased that I took a chance on the reading. It gave me some hope and motivation. When I can afford a more in-depth reading, I’ll go back to her.

If you’d like a professional Tarot reading but don’t have much money or want to see how you like a reader before you invest in a full reading, try a single card or three card spread, or follow a reader who interests you and see if they offer a special. It’s especially worth it if you’re a beginner at Tarot to get readings from others because that helps you in your study of the cards and preparation for giving your own readings.


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