Has Anyone at Twitter Read the Twitter TOS?


I mean, obviously the person or persons who wrote it read it, but it seems to be totally unfamiliar to the people at Twitter who receive abuse reports and decide if the person reported violated the TOS.

I reported someone for sending sexually explicit tweets to me, tweets that made me feel threatened. My opinion is, the person being harassed determines if the harassment is threatening, not someone sitting in a cubicle and not the person doing the harassment and their friends. Twitter thinks that some strange man ordering me to go perform sexual acts isn’t threatening.

Twitter is very wrong.

I actually argued with someone at Twitter via email tonight and tried very hard to get through to them, but I failed, and I cannot understand why. I sent them screenshots of the tweets and was told they didn’t violate the TOS. That’s a blatant lie, and the only conclusion I can reach is that the person I communicated TO, not with, shares the point of view of the “man” who sexually harassed me and/or is a trump supporter, like the “man” who sexually harassed me.

It seems that a lot of people in all walks of life are unable to leave their personal feelings at the door when they walk into work. That’s a big problem when you work for a hugely popular site like Twitter. I have seen too many women I followed leave Twitter because of Twitter’s failure to emphatically state that they will not tolerate sexual harassment and follow through. Women are afraid to push Twitter too hard in cases like mine because they know that the rep handling their complaint may just decide to shadow ban them or lock their account out of retaliation. No legitimate reason, just retaliation for demanding ENFORCE THE TOS.

I don’t see things changing at Twitter. I’ve seen nothing change for the better at Twitter since I joined in 2011, but so many of my friends are there, and there are so many great accounts that I follow: funny, informative, educational. So I have to put up with obscene tweets to use the site. Yeah, yeah, I can block people, but they just come back with another account, and they’re harassing other people! And Twitter doesn’t care.

I’m not leaving Twitter. But I’m not going to stop raising hell when I submit a valid abuse report and I’m told there was no violation of the TOS.

And there are usually ways of getting other agencies or organizations involved to deal with abusive users, because abusive users are stupid and think that they can get away with anything, and they almost always break an actual law. You don’t have to know their address to bring the hammer down. And when actual laws are broken and Twitter not only ignores it but doesn’t report it, they’re on the hook too.


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