Container Gardening – Squash?


A friend suggested that I try growing squash in a large planter. She told me to look for a “bush” variety. I wasn’t able to find that type of seeds anywhere here, so she mailed a few seeds to me from her own plants from last summer.

I planted three seeds. They all germinated and the plants seem to have plenty of room. Per my friend’s advice, I mixed used coffee grounds and crushed eggshells into the potting soil before planting the seeds. I added more coffee grounds to all my plants a couple of days ago when the plant looked like this:


Today, I have actual squash blossoms!


Used coffee grounds are a WONDERFUL fertilizer. But look up the plant before you add coffee grounds to the soil, because they aren’t appropriate fertilizer for all plants.

I don’t know the name of this squash variety, just that it’s a variety that grows up into a bush instead of running in vines on the ground. It won’t reach its full height in this container, but if you have to container garden and you really want squash, you can have it!


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