The Nashville Statement, Pt. 2


I decided that the people who wrote the Nashville Statement really needed to hear from someone targeted in the statement. I’m one of those people. They said I shouldn’t live in a normal marriage because I can’t have kids and sex is only for procreation. So I looked up all of the signers who are on Twitter and sent them a link to my post below.

One person-a male, I will not call him a man-replied. He babbled something about “why does the Left always have to be pleased?” which made zero sense-the entire exchange is in my time line, I’m not looking at his feed for exact words because his hate sickens me-and then he said “just stay out of their churches.”

I replied, “You know who else would stay out of your church? Jesus.”

He said nothing about being sorry to hear of my health problems. He just spewed hate. Why does he matter? Why does the Nashville Statement matter? Because it’s inflammatory and inhumane, and evidently the people who wrote it suffer from a lack of humanity. You can’t fix that. They’re being roundly condemned, but they’re still spreading their hate at a time when a particularly virulent strain of hate has re-emerged in our society. They’re feeding that hate, and they know it, and they don’t care.

And, because their statement is getting so much attention on social media, the targets of their hate are reading it and we are already beaten down by a daily life that we can’t have. Maybe one day I’ll be in a position to adopt or be a foster mother. That doesn’t erase what I went through. The LGBT community . . . I’m almost at a loss for words for what they are going through now. Things had changed so much during President Obama’s presidency, and I honestly thought it would continue with Hillary Clinton. But the bad old days came back with whiplash-inducing swiftness as soon as trump took office. trump is an enabler of racism and bigotry. So are the writers of the Nashville Statement. And, as one proved to me tonight on Twitter, they’re utterly lacking in compassion or any other quality that Jesus had.

When I first moved back to North Carolina, I thought about checking out the Catholic Church associated with the school I attended as a young child. But I could not do it, due to their views on abortion and divorce. It took me six years to stop being afraid and fully embrace paganism. Six years to stop returning to that passage in the Bible where Jesus talked about divorce, to stop trying to understand what he really meant.

Then five months later, the disaster that is donald trump became a daily part of my life. I was depressed until the last month. Then I got angry. Very, very angry, and that is why I sent my blog post to the deeply disturbed writers of the Nashville Statement. Because I have decided that these people who say and do unacceptable, intolerant, harmful things need to be called out and told what they are, and that we simply will not accept the attitudes of the bad old days.

Oh, the guy on Twitter who offered no expression of compassion regarding my multiple surgeries, infertility, and feelings of worthlessness after reading a document that he signed? This is his Twitter bio:

“I’m right about some things; wrong about others–still learning. The one thing I KNOW is I have eternal life through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ heart


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