Omelets are sort of foreign to Southern cooking. We scramble or fry eggs, and prepare bacon or sausage, grits or hash browns, and toast as sides. This is all terribly unhealthy, and it’s quite frustrating when you’re living in a Southern household and trying to change your diet to something approaching healthy.

Today, I wanted an omelet. I have a lot of leftover brown rice. I googled omelets with brown rice and discovered omuraisu.

I was a bit grossed out by the ketchup and “processed cheese.” I prepared the omelet with olive oil in the pan, a bit of leftover thin-sliced pork chop, brown rice, and egg. I added Asian Five Spice Seasoning, my favorite spice mix, and topped it with salsa. It was very good and filling. So if you’re looking for a new omelet recipe and have brown rice that you need to use, try omuraisu!


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