Searching for Info about Wicca? Avoid These Sites.


If you google anything about Wicca, you’ll likely come up against false evangelical Christian sites trying to convince you that you’ll go to hell if you practice Wicca.

You won’t.

You probably, as I did, escaped an evangelical church and/or school and found your way to Wicca. They don’t have the moral right to continue to lie to you, but then again, they haven’t any morals to begin with.

Focus On the Family

This is the main anti-any other religion than evangelical Christianity site. This is, ironically, the organization that my private school tried to use to convince me that Wicca and Stevie Nicks were evil. I’ve been a student of Wicca since I was 15 and a fan of Stevie Nicks since I was 13. Avoid these lying losers.

To be continued


2 thoughts on “Searching for Info about Wicca? Avoid These Sites.

  1. Definitely! I used to be a conservative Christian and man, did I have a messed up view of what Wicca and Pagan beliefs really were! Thank goodness for one of my best friends in high school who studied the beliefs and corrected my views! And now, I feel more pagan at heart than I ever felt Christian…even though technically I am an agnostic. BTW, I blog too if you ever wanna stop by and say hello!

    • I’m just very upset by the fact that the first thing young people see now when they’re beginning to explore Wicca is a page full of sites full of lies. It was so much easier when I was a young teen and there was no Internet, and I just took a book off a library shelf with no one shouting falsehoods at me.

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