Things Twitter Is Okay With




Bigots of all stripes


Death threats

Rape threats

Hate speech



Copyright infringement (why wouldn’t they be, they just announced they plan to do it)

Sexual harassment

Accounts set up strictly for the purpose of harassing another user

Users saving your avatar and writing hate speech/drawing obscene images on it

Mass-reporting of people who haven’t done anything but offend certain political groups

Urging people to kill themselves

Did I miss anything?

Things Twitter is not okay with:

Reporting any of the above

Reporting trump fans

Demanding to have your case escalated to a supervisor

Why are we on Twitter?

Twitter’s format is useful to us. It’s great for writers, poets, and photographers–well not so much anymore since they’ve updated their TOS to allow them to steal our content. But Twitter’s micro-blogging format is perfect for people who just want to chat, don’t feel they can keep up their own blog, want to follow breaking news, meet others who love the same book/TV show/movie/hobby, and of course, love funny animal gifs.

But considering the fact that they let bigots, misogynists, stalkers, and genuine criminals roam free . . . why are we still there? The benefits don’t outweigh the riskes, but most of us are just too tied up in it to walk away. I’ve been on Twitter for seven years. I have good friends there. I don’t want to lose them. I’ve also come to rely on Twitter to get unedited breaking news. It’s hard to walk away from those things, and Twitter knows it, and that’s how they keep abusing us and letting others abuse us while knowing we’ll stick around.

Something has to change.

I’m fine with a site with ads if I feel that my abuse report will be taken seriously, even if the person I’m reporting is a trump fan/troll/bot. I understand that people have personal biases. I have personal biases. I don’t understand a site that allows the people who are supposed to be dealing with abuse complaints to let those people allow their biases to interfere with their jobs.

That is what Twitter seems to be doing.

It also seems that if you report that someone is harassing YOU, you get the “no TOS violation” horse hockey, whereas if you have a couple of friends report the same violation against you, the offender gets a Twitter slap.

That, right now, seems to be the best way to force abusers on Twitter to leave you alone: ask your friends to report it.

That’s . . . pathetic, Twitter.

Now I’m going to go report another user, AGAIN, who is harassing other people, and hope that someone might possibly do the same for me.


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