Start At The Beginning Of The Book


Do you flip right to the back of the book when you buy a new book about Wicca, witchcraft, paganism, magic, or deities?

  • Moon Goddesses: Artemis/Diana, Arianrhod, Rhiannon
  • Gemstone: Moonstone
  • Metal: Silver
  • Colors: White/Silver
  • Day: Monday
  • Incense: White Musk
  • Animal: Cat, Rabbit/Hare

Or maybe you want to do a . . . hmm . . . love spell!

  • Love Gods and Goddesses: Aphrodite/Venus, Angus mac Og, Guinevere
  • Gemstone: Pink Quartz, Diamond
  • Metal: Gold
  • Colors: Pink, Red
  • Day: Friday
  • Incense: Vanilla
  • Animal: Swan

I just pulled some of that from memory and some of that from . . . the air. Do you know anything about Angus mac Og? Why is Guinevere listed as a Goddess?

When you’re new at this, you think you can skip to the back of the back, pick a deity who suits your needs, light the right color candle, and you’ll get what you want.

That ain’t happening.

Many people like to place abstract Goddess and God figures on their altars. The pregnant Earth Goddess, the wasp-waisted Spiral Goddess, the Horned God. They may have a separate shrine for a certain deity. They may have a figure or something relating to their special God or Goddess on their altar. They may have multiple shrines.

How do you move beyond the correspondences and find the Goddess or God that is your magical soul mate? They usually find you. The name Athena may pop into your head for no reason. Then three nights later, you may hear an owl calling, and hear it every night for several nights. Maybe Athena is tapping you on the shoulder. That’s one great reason to study, study, study, so that you’ll already know that the owl is associated with Athena.

You may also meet a deity through a deck of oracle cards. Oracle cards are vastly different from Tarot cards. They’re usually based on a theme (Goddesses) or a type of being (vampires.) You might ask your oracle cards if someone in particular is trying to get your attention, and then turn over the Ceridwen card. Then, you need to study, study, study.

Maybe the darkness fascinates you. Maybe you genuinely feel at home outside in the night. Or perhaps you see ghosts or other spirits. Then the lists at the end of the book can give you some suggestions. You might be feeling the influence Hecate or The Morrigan.

And what do you do? Study.

I read this article tonight. It inspired me to write this post, which is derived from my own experiences over the last three decades. Please read the linked article, because it is so important in understanding why skipping to the back of the book is almost certainly going to bring you confusion and disappointment.

If you’re drawn to Celtic magic and deities, you need this book. I referred to it so often since 1995 that I had to buy a second copy, and now that copy is yellowed and has loose pages. It contains Celtic mythology, information on deities and fairies, holy days, spellwork, and yes . . . tables of correspondence.



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