Around My Block


2017 sept moonflower open2017 sept moonflower open 22017 sept moonflower open 3

This moonflower opened in less than two minutes. Unfortunately I didn’t record it because I didn’t realize it would open so fast. I went around to the back of the flowerbed to take a picture of the squash and when I came back, it was open.

2017 sept squash

All three squash plants are putting out a second round of flowers. They are also struggling with a gray fungus on the leaves. I’ve sprayed the plant with dish soap and water two days in a row and the fungus seems to be going away. As we have no bees, if these flowers open, I’ll have to hand-pollinate them.

If not for this . . .

2017 sept web 2

. . . I would have walked into this.

2017 sept web2017 sept red wildflowers2017 sept red wildflowerssept 2017 wildflowers

Gorgeous wildflowers. I didn’t pick any.

2017 sept fairy ring

An honest-to-goodness fairy ring that goes all the way around the cedar tree.

sept 2017 mushroom flash

With and without flash

sept 2017 mushroom no flash

Something took a big bite out of this one

2017 sept mushrooms

The house next door is empty, and the back yard has gone wild and witchy, and I hope it stays that way.


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