I’m Sorry–No, No, This Time I’m Not


I haven’t done anything to harm anyone.

I participated in the #WomenProtestTwitter  “walkout” Friday even though I didn’t think it would accomplish much but bring out people to mock a silent protest. It will take some time to see if Twitter will learn anything from how many people stayed off Twitter yesterday. I spent some time Friday emailing Twitter advertisers that I follow about the boycott. Really, if you want to get a huge corporation’s attention, you hit them in the wallet, and one way to do that is complain to their advertisers.

I went back to Twitter in the early hours of Saturday morning and was appalled by the hatred spewed at the women who protested by other women. Everyone had their convoluted view about why white women holding a silent protest was ridiculous, stupid, offensive, somehow increasing the problem of rape culture. I was astounded. I was astounded because I personally support the silent  “take a knee” protests by NFL players and cheerleaders, and I condemn trump and everyone else who demonizes them. That being said, why am I being harmful by choosing to protest in the only way I see left besides deleting my Twitter account? And I hate it for you, but no one is actually going to delete their Twitter account over Twitter’s refusal to enforce their own TOS. We’re going to keep reporting and asking why our reports are ignored and demanding that cases be escalated to supervisors and reporting the same people over and over and yell at Twitter support and get our own accounts suspended, and nothing will change.

Maybe we should walk out for longer . . . if we all can, if we can all fill that Twitter time with something else. I think that an awful lot of people can’t. Look at the settings on your phone, how much time you spend on Twitter, before you bitch at me for staying off for a day.

If you mocked protestors, I probably unfollowed you. Feel free to reciprocate. Doesn’t matter how long we’ve known each other. If it’s been years, you should have respect for me and my decision to protest. I don’t look down on people who didn’t protest. I do have no use for people who mocked those who did.

Oh, and look, apparently silence does speak:

4/ Today we saw voices silencing themselves and voices speaking out because we’re *still* not doing enough.

There are a lot of interpretations for the above statement. I see it as acknowledging both forms of protest.

And @Jack at Twitter is right . . . they are nowhere near to doing enough.


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