Simply Stunning Oracle Deck


Do you love oracle decks bursting with color and life? Do you like a deck with simple but beautifully painted symbols? You can help Sapphire Moonbeam bring her deck to life with a donation or a pre-order.

Self-publishing is more expensive than you’d think, especially when it’s something like an oracle deck that includes a guidebook and lots of art. You can take a look at some of Sapphire Moonbeam’s amazing art below:


Sapphire Moonbeam spent five years on the paintings that make up this oracle deck. This is a work of love.

I was immediately drawn to the strong color and powerful art. If you prefer oracle decks without people, this could be perfect for you. The artist needs your help to put this deck out into the world. Please read her Kickstarter page and consider pre-ordering a deck. If you can’t afford that right now, a donation will be a big help, and so will sharing this link with others. This meticulous five-year project needs your support so that its beauty and wisdom can be available to everyone.

This Kickstarter ends on November 11. Plan to pre-order or donate soon.


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