Grandmother Needs a Heart Transplant


Pamela Mills is the center of a loving family. She’s a mom, sister, and grandmother, and she needs a heart transplant. All transplant recipients have to take anti-rejection medications. Hers will cost $5000 for the year after her transplant. She’s alive right now because she’s on an IV drip with a drug that helps her heart work. You can read this and more on her daughter’s GoFundMe page. The family is over halfway to their goal! You can donate as little as five dollars and share this post, and you’ll be helping.

I believe in GoFundMe because it allowed me to raise the money to pay our mortgage when we were in a financial crisis. I identify with Pamela and her daughter because it’s just me and my mom right now. This lady has family who need her, and she needs your help to get a new heart. Please help her if you can. If you’re financially unable to contribute, just sharing this post or the link to her GoFundMe can make all the difference in the world.




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