To the People I Never Stopped Caring About


You were lied to.

I know that you’ve seen the news the last week. Maybe you really were so brainwashed that you believed what he said about me. Maybe you saw me falling apart online and thought that it proved what he said.

I know that you were hurt by what happened. It was not my desire to hurt you. It was my desire to save my mental and physical life. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you. You had many people around you who should have protected you. If they hadn’t been there for you, I would have fought in court to take you away with me.

You were a little child when you intervened in his abuse of me. I’ll never forget that. YOU took control of the situation at eight, or was it nine? You confronted him and told him that he had better go apologize to me because you didn’t want me to leave.

It was not on you to hold us together. The worst thing was that you and I had finally worked out our issues and started standing together against him.

What happened those three months after I left, I have an idea.

But now you see that abusive men don’t have to win. I’ve been speaking out for seven years. You spoke out when you were a kid. I’m not asking you to speak out again. I’ll speak out. I’m asking you to think back and remember.

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