Wiccan/Pagan Prayer Beads


2018 wood prayer beads

I’ve bought two sets of pagan/Wiccan prayer beads and converted a jade Buddhist mala into a Wiccan mala. None of them met my needs. I started school at a Catholic school, although my father was a lapsed Catholic and I wasn’t familiar with anything Catholic. I was immediately mesmerized by the Mass, the statues, the shrine to Mary outside the convent, the prayers. Ever since discovering Wicca, I’ve wanted to recreate that feeling of wonder and daily prayer and ritual. You can do that entirely without any Catholic influence. I feel comforted with a candle flickering under a statue of a woman and beads between my fingers.

I bought the beads pictured above from The Broken Vial on Etsy. They arrived quickly. They’re strung on non-stretchy cord, but have just enough space between beads to facilitate easy movement. They’re almost weightless, and the 13 bead string is small enough for your pocket (or purse, if you’re a woman.)

No suggested prayers were included. I dislike pagan prayers rewritten from Catholic prayers. I thought about the weightless wooden beads, the Goddess charm and the leaf, 13 moons, 13 trees, and easy-to-memorize Goddess prayers. I wrote this:

(On the Goddess charm)

Mother of the moons, earth, and year

(On the spacer beads)


Light increasing-


Shadows lengthen-


Harvest in-


Shortest day-


(On the three small beads)


Full of abundance

Breathes summer in


Great mother

Rises from tree

Abundant harvest bows


Wise Winter

Sleeps the earth

Prepares it for


(On the leaf charm)






So those are just my quick prayers jotted down after having the beads for a full day and handling them. The beauty of our religion: You can write your own.


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