Bi God Done


I’ve had it.

I’m a bi GRRL.

I realize now the problems that this poses for me in society, but in reality, I like women and men.

If ever I get my books published, you’d figure it out anyway.

That’s a weight off my shoulders – RoBIn



2 thoughts on “Bi God Done

    • I wrote that post because I’m 45 and tired of not being my whole self. When I was 18 or 19, a relative rifled through my room while I was at college (I was a day student) or at work in the evening and found my diary. I had finally gotten the nerve to write in my diary that I was bisexual and about a woman I had a crush on. The relative stole the diary. Stole the picture of the woman. I found the picture in their room after they moved out, undamaged, and I’ve kept it in a drawer for years because I was afraid. Something snapped yesterday, and I stopped being afraid. I’m still relatively young, and I want to have a life. That post yesterday and this comment officially end that person’s control over my life. I hope that you’re well, and that you don’t have to live like I have, but if you do…it can change. -Robin

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