“Don’t you have a grain of–“



No, I do not.

Someone (not a family member, someone close to a family member, never a friend,) died yesterday. I’m expected to care.

I don’t. I feel nothing.

This person disliked me because of politics. Left multiple obscene messages on my answering machine. Called the police and accused me of abusing and imprisoning my mother. A police officer came to my house to check on my mother’s welfare.

This person was a violent drunk, regularly drove drunk, beat my relative, and abused the relative’s child physically and verbally.

I’m not even glad that they’re dead. I just don’t care. For what it’s worth, my relative had finally seen the light and left them . . . but now there’s the “I wish I could talk to them one more time.” Why. You left because they beat you and wouldn’t stop drinking and wouldn’t go to rehab.

Why do we canonize the dead? How is telling the truth about them “speaking evil?”

I’m having none of it.

If you’re moved to say a prayer, say it for the mother who watched her child and grandchild suffer at the hands of this person.


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