Help Needed


My mom and I need your help.

I moved to NY with my fiance in January, 2004. I came back to a financial nightmare. Relatives had manipulated my mom into taking on huge amounts of debt. I’ve been trying to manage things own my own (we have no help, the people who caused the problem have, of course, disappeared) and finances have gotten out of control again.

*Never, ever, ever get involved with auto loan lenders*

We need help to hire someone who can deal with our back yard, replace the back stairs, repair a small hole in the roof, and we need to catch up on summer utility bills. It’s been over 95 here in NC for about a month.

I hate to ask for help, but I don’t know what to do (please don’t tell me to get a job, I have one, and I’m always looking for a second job.) Please take a look at my campaign. I haven’t told my mom about this. I’m hoping to give her a good surprise.

Thank you -Robin


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