Help Needed


My mom needs help to make home repairs, have her back steps replaced and back yard cleaned up. I have asthma. I can’t do the yard cleanup. Even if I could, I can’t replace stairs and storm doors or fix a hole in a roof left by severe storm. I am my mom’s sole caregiver. No one else in the family can or will help in any way.

While I was married and living in New York, my youngest sister wrecked two of my mom’s cars. My middle sister convinced her to take out a mortgage to buy a USED car. She also convinced my mom not to tell me. When I moved back, my youngest sister was still living here, and my mom had no savings. I threw my youngest sister out after she assaulted my mother. My other sister refuses to acknowledge that any of this nightmare is due to her horrific financial advice.

I have been trying to help my mother financially for seven years. I’ve given her all my savings. I’ve paid for plumbing repairs and food, but I can’t make enough money to pay off the auto loans she took out or buy a new stove for her (we are currently using a hotplate, microwave, and toaster oven to cook.)

My mom just received a notice for a balloon payment on a bill and notice from the town that our back yard must be completely cleaned up by July 10. This will require a lawn service because her lawn mower and weed eater were stolen while I was in New York. We also need the hole in the roof repaired, two new storm doors, and money to pay the balloon payment and summer electric bills.

And, we need some savings so that we can keep up the back yard when I’m not making anything freelancing. Our neighbor has been mowing our front yard.

My mother is 70. She retired from the police department after 26 years. She should be enjoying retirement. Instead, she’s worrying herself sick over things my sisters did. I came home with no idea any of this had happened. I’ve pawned everything pawnable. I’ve had two temp jobs, one that was supposed to go permanent but did not. I’ve been freelancing since 2011. I’ve applied for jobs at grocery stores, dollar stores, and fast food stores. I can’t get an interview. I can barely pay for my prescriptions. I’ve asked family members for help. They all have their own problems.

Please, if you can, help us. I would like for this to be a surprise for my mother. Thank you.


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