Creative Care


If you’re on Twitter, you’re probably:

A) Burned out

B) Reading a lot of threads about self-care

There is a lot of self-care advice that does not work for those of us who are poor and sick, but there is more to self-care than jogging, yoga, creative retreats, and changing your diet.

This was my contribution to a “creative self-care” thread earlier:

Gardening (container gardening)

Less writing, more reading (less pressure, more inspiration)

Playing around with new stories when you’re in the mood to write.

So my advice is basically plant something and go out every day to take care of it, read (trashy) books, and distract yourself by inventing new characters and worlds.

We’ve been in a heat wave for weeks, so I’ve been drinking large glasses of ice water. It does make me feel physically better. I’ve been trying different meals because the same old, same old kills my appetite (yes, even us fat folks have to eat, imagine that.) I realized that my clothes are really old. I started watching for sales and bought a few new things, and new sandals, at Dollar General. Then I tossed out the worn out stuff from Goodwill.

Take your meds. Letting your asthma/diabetes/high blood pressure/depression/OCD get out of control helps no one, especially you!

If you absolutely can’t sleep, try to just rest in a cool, dark room.

If you have an ounce of empathy, you can’t help feeling depressed, angry, helpless, and hopeless by the freak show going on around us every day, by the evil living in the White House, across the street, or in your family. Opinions range from dire to believing in love will fix everything. Both are horseshit. You have to find a middle ground that makes sense to you. You already know what you need to do: vote. If you have the energy, try to get other folks to sign up to vote. If you don’t . . . that’s okay. You didn’t create the situation, so stop beating yourself up because you can’t fix it.

That last is probably the most important advice I can give you: don’t take on all the blame for the things happening right now, and don’t take on all the responsibility for fixing them. It’s a group effort and you can only do as much as you can do.


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