“Witch Hunts” and Normalizing trump


The meme of Robert Mueller with the caption: “So many witches, so little time.”

A tweet I just read about witches locking children in cages.

Another tweet about “12 witches indicted.”

I know that someone reading this wants to tell me it’s just an expression and to get over it, but it’s not and I won’t.

I read The Spiral Dance when I was 12 or 13. After reading a lot of mythology, The Golden Bough, books published during the 1950s-1970s about the new religion, Wicca, and a buying some Llewellyn Books, I realized that I was a witch. By that time, I was 15. I wasn’t free to practice Wicca in my home back then, so I kind of floundered along into my late 20s. I had a crisis of faith when I developed uterine fibroids (benign tumors of the uterus) at age 25. I had surgery to remove the tumors. They came back in 11 months. I felt abandoned by “the” Goddess. I was sick, had no insurance despite working 40 hours a week for an attorney, and Wicca wasn’t helping me.

I got interested in Buddhism and met my ex-husband online on a Buddhist message board for newbies. After moving in with him, I realized that his version of Buddhism was not what I had read about. I also had become interested in a Buddhist nun’s podcast and experienced complete disillusionment with Buddhism when she said something rather horrifying about rape.

So I was 700 miles from home with a controlling and abusive man and his traditional Christian family. He despised Wicca, even though he knew I had considered myself Wiccan before I started exploring Buddhism. Again, I could not openly be a witch in my own home. I started to think about how safe I felt at Catholic school. I started school at Catholic school and stayed there until second grade. My now deceased father was a lapsed Catholic. I spent a lot of time reading in a grove of trees next to the convent, where there was a small shrine to the Virgin Mary.

sacred heart mary crop

I felt surrounded by a comforting female presence in that grove of trees. So, 30+ years later, I decided to return to what made me feel safe. I bought a rosary, a Miraculous Medal, and a holy candle. My husband hated it. His family accepted me, for a while. I felt that female presence protecting me. She got me through the worst parts and back home.

In 2015, I experienced another crisis of faith. I had gotten fascinated with Mary Magdalene and lost and confused in the mythology surrounding her. I had another very bad experience and again felt abandoned.

I walked away from anything to do with Christianity overnight. You may see me talking positively about Christianity sometimes on Twitter. That’s because I don’t hate Christianity. It’s just not for me. I was never a real Catholic, anyway. I was, well, a pagan Catholic, as I find the Church’s official stance on reproductive rights intolerable.

And then I was free to be openly a witch in my home and online. I got rather obsessed by creating altars, buying books by Moon Books, and buying prayer beads

2018 wood prayer beads

for my particular Goddesses. It’s been almost three years and now I actually understand what I am: a polytheistic pagan witch. And I love it. It’s wonderful. I understand now that I was mixing up Christian prayer with spells and Wiccan prayer and ritual. I understand now that being a witch is being in tune with the seasons, the moon, trees, plants, old traditions, new traditions, and that asking a Goddess to alter a situation (I am exclusively a Dianic Wiccan) doesn’t always get me what I want. I’m okay with that now. I’m grounded. (I also try again, in different ways, consult my Tarot and oracle cards, and use my prayer beads to ask for help or just calm myself, much like Buddhist mala beads.)

All of that leads to why I am so fucking sick of people absently parroting “witch hunt” and making jokes about arresting witches. Because of the people, women and men, who lost their lives in Salem, because of all the people who were tortured and burned to death in Europe, and because it still happens today. Women who anger men by testing the fragile patriarchy are still accused of witchcraft and beaten and murdered.

This is why I would like you to think twice before laughing along with witch hunt “jokes” during Robert Mueller’s investigation of trump. trump is an idiot. I expect asinine, uneducated remarks from him. I don’t expect them from you. You should know better. If anything, trump and his accomplices would have been the people lying about others being witches in the past.

Please understand that I respect your religion and respect mine in return.

2018 green candle holder


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