Be More Like Rachel


No, not more, just be like Rachel. #BeRachel. #BeTheBest

An Open Letter to the U.S. Media:

Dear People Who Bring Us the News Every Day:

What the fresh hell is wrong with you?

Why are you running video of the person (I use the term loosely) in the White House who holds rallies with (allegedly) paid actors and screams spittle a-flyin’, pointing into the camera, about those “awful, horrific” people in the back of the room? Ya know, the press? You guys?

See, those of us who watch CNN and MSNBC do not watch to see Spittle Drumpf nor his crisis actors tricked out in their best thrift store gear. We actually, most of us, do not want to see his image, let alone video of his rabid speeches, lately directed at you. That’s why I said #BeLikeRachel.

Rachel Maddow said that she tries to avoid using video of trump on her show. That’s a very good practice that you all should adopt. After all, he, like Sarah Sanders, never says anything of substance on video. (Also you’re a coward if you’re in the WH press pool and didn’t walk out with Jim Acosta, leaving Sarah Sanders facing an empty room, with the blank papers on her podium drifting in your wake.)

Speaking of Sarah, during her exchange with Jim Acosta, she made it clear that her refusal to say, “The press is not the enemy of the people” was 100% based on remarks made to and about HER. Why do you run to be clucked at like kindergartners by the silly bitch every day?

So anyhoo, back to Rachel. Rachel Maddow is a JOURNALIST. She may be a young woman, but she understands journalism, and the rest of you don’t. She has the ability to paint a scene with WORDS. We don’t need to see trump talksterbating. She spares us that while giving us the essence of what he said.

We’re not snowflakes. We aren’t afraid of seeing Herr Drumpf and his “crowds” of crisis actors. We’re tired of it. We want a summary and then real news.

By the way, would you let a kindergarten teacher talk down to your child every day like Sarah Sanders does to you? You would not. Why? Because it’s an abuse of her position.

Why do you allow her to continue to abuse her position because she’s thin-skinned? Do you think you’ll lose ratings? I often change or at least mute your channels when you show video of trump.

Stop allowing Sanders to leave her heel-marks on your foreheads.

Do better. Be better. Be the best, like Rachel Maddow and Jim Acosta.



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