Dear Susan


I wish you

All the misery I’ve endured in my life

All the misery my mother has endured in her life

All the misery my grandmother endured in her life

I wish you a life of misery

Because you had the gift of our voices

And you trod upon it In your rush to be a good girl


Susan, do you have a little dingy mark

On your white gloves?

You stand over

Your ivory pedestal sink

Scrubbing at that stain on your gloves

And it spreads

Up your arms

And your pearls dance in the sink

The rotted thread stuck to your neck

Dear Susan


Susan, there is something dripping down

Your debutante gown

I fear your corsage’s going brown

Dear Susan

You might want to see

To the stains upon your knees

Where you knelt and gave your glee

To his plea

“Tell them she lied about me”

You rose

With roses on your knees


Dear Susan…

I’ve just one last verse

The roses on your knees are cursed

You knelt in prayers and pleas and tears

And blood on sheets up to your ears…

And blood on earth behind dumpsters

Blood on linen

Blood on silk

Blood on needles of pine

And crammed it in your mouth, you did

And proclaimed it “MINE.”


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