Musings on Writing Vampires in 2009 and 2018


In 2009 I started writing a traditional vampire story, like Dracula, the books, the movie adaptations. I always loved Frank Langella’s Dracula because Lucy (they switched the Lucy/Mina names) didn’t want to be saved.

A lot has changed in the world since I started writing those books–it already had, I was forcibly living under a rock–but I’m doing mounds of revision on the female characters. A woman already held the ultimate power, but I had to make the female characters stronger at the outset. Not easy to do when you’re dealing with very powerful and attractive male vampires. I also had to look at the first book and say, where is the diversity? How do I make it work naturally?

I think I have the answer. It changes a thing, but it adds a badly needed character and sews up a plot hole. The new character will be a main character. She’ll be part of the core group of characters. And that’s all I’m telling you for now.


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