Ten Year Photo Challenge


2009 dem photo

Ten years ago, my ex-husband took this photo of me.

I was not on drugs. I was isolated, starved, and terrorized.

I think that I was actually crying in the photo. I was so hungry. There was a grill on the deck. Maybe he was waiting for the grill to heat up? If he was, he:

A) Was about to grill food that I had prepared but waited for him to get home from work to “cook” himself.

B) Took my camera from me and used it to take photographs I didn’t agree to but had no choice in, like the food.

But I got the camera back and now you see me in 2009, and now.

2019 me


The purpose of this post is to alert you that maybe the woman next door who looks like I did in 2009 is not a drug addict. Maybe she’s being abused. Maybe she’s having food withheld.

The other purpose of this post is to tell you that if you are the person in the first photo, RUN, do not walk, into the nearest ER. They can help you get out of your abusive living situation and into a shelter.


Look into the eyes of the woman in the first photo and tell me a shelter and food wouldn’t be better than an upper middle class lifestyle and being starved to death.


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