Is WordPress Working Tonight?




Cleaning up my blog


Shortening my URL was just one of several things I’ve been wanting to do to streamline my blog. Culling unnecessary tags is the major one, but I also wanted to decrease the number of links I had to other blogs and Facebook pages.

I have not taken down any of my Facebook pages and have no intention of doing so. All Mary Magdalene/spiritual content will now be posted on the WomanGoddessLifeWisdom Tumblr. If you want to just talk dolls, join me on Rag Doll Dance – A Doll Blog. My “official” Tumblr is vampwritergrrl. My previous Tumblr, whenirunthroughyourdoor, is still there and I still use it, casually.

I simply wasn’t getting traffic on the Facebook pages, and I prefer the active atmosphere of Tumblr. But you can always find me with my first love, Twitter.

Now please bear with me while I deal with this tag mess . . . .