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2018 justin tongue

I set up a new WP blog, but I didn’t get into it. I only posted a few times. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t my space. It felt like deleting my Twitter and starting over.

The last three years have been difficult. I’ve gone through a lot of changes. It didn’t feel right to abandon those changes and try to be, well, some non-ranty person. I have opinions, and this is where I keep them.

-Robin, 4-20-18


Cleaning up my blog


Shortening my URL was just one of several things I’ve been wanting to do to streamline my blog. Culling unnecessary tags is the major one, but I also wanted to decrease the number of links I had to other blogs and Facebook pages.

I have not taken down any of my Facebook pages and have no intention of doing so. All Mary Magdalene/spiritual content will now be posted on the WomanGoddessLifeWisdom Tumblr. If you want to just talk dolls, join me on Rag Doll Dance – A Doll Blog. My “official” Tumblr is vampwritergrrl. My previous Tumblr, whenirunthroughyourdoor, is still there and I still use it, casually.

I simply wasn’t getting traffic on the Facebook pages, and I prefer the active atmosphere of Tumblr. But you can always find me with my first love, Twitter.

Now please bear with me while I deal with this tag mess . . . .