Good Morning! Let the stress begin!


Let’s not and say we did.

We had a few “decorative” signs and pieces of embroidery in our kitchen that shouted THERE WILL BE STRESS! THIS IS A HOUSE OF STRESS! in various cutesy sentiments. One I took down last night, a framed crewel embroidery, featured a cannon firing the words GOD GRANT ME PATIENCE RIGHT NOW!

That’s not nice to have in your subconscious every time you go in your kitchen.

I took them down and replaced them with one that conveys a comforting sentiment (and has a cat on it!) and another rather intriguing piece of old needlework that someone in the family framed. When I first saw it up close, I thought it was just a framed piece of old tatting. I had to look at it from a distance to make out the word. It’s not for sale, and I don’t have the pattern, but if you’re experienced at needlework, you could surely make your own version, and if you don’t sew, you could paint or stencil it onto an old board and use twine to hang it.

bread 2IMG_0137

— Robin